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Why Every Wedding Needs A DJ..... Including YOURS!!!

Why Every Wedding Needs A DJ..... Including YOURS!!!

So first things first. Planning a wedding is expensive!! I get it. Unfortunately, when planning a wedding and facing budget constraints, one of the first cutbacks is commonly the DJ or other types entertainment. The DJ is just music right? I see posts all the time saying “Ive got a Bluetooth speaker, my cousin can handle playing a few songs for us to walk down the aisle to and I can just put on a spotify playlist for the rest of the night”…… Do you want to guess what one of the most common regrets most couples have for their wedding?.......Not spending more on their DJ/entertainment!!!

Here is part of the problem. Lets look at the term DJ…..short for disc jockey. Because of this term and the way we understand most DJ’s (Radio DJ’s, Club DJ’s, Concert DJ’s etc) the common consensus is that a DJ is just there simply to play music to get a crowd moving or hyped up. When we are talking about a wedding DJ though, this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

For a TRUE wedding DJ, playing music is just a small part of what we actually do. Here is just a short list of some other names you could call us…. Crowd Controller, Emcee, Timeline Manager, Vendor Preparer, 2ndcoordinator, Audio Specalist, Timing Expert, Attention Wrangler, Hype Man, Gameshow Host, Memorable Ghost, Energy Reader, Imtimacy Expert (No, Not in that way….) Grandmas Best Friend, Boredoms Worst Enemy and, a big one…..The Voice of your wedding!

Most of those you can probably figure out but let me touch on a couple others here just to help you understand some of what we do. One that I mentioned is “Attention Wrangler”…… Have you ever tried to get everyone’s attention at a family dinner, during a work meeting or at an event of some sort? It is not an easy task to try to get a dozen people you know to focus on you. Now, try doing that with 100 plus people in a confined setting all of whom are having their own conversations. Throw in some alcohol and you can end up with a crowd that is harder to wrangle than the meanest bull at the PBR championships! But, at a wedding, the person on the mic HAS TO in order to start different events throughout the night that require everyone’s attention.

Here’s another 2 masks we DJ’s wear………. Hype Man and Intimacy Expert. A huge part of a wedding is partying! Your guests are there to celebrate you as a couple, drink, dance and in general, have a great time however, there also needs to be times where the energy is level is brought down to allow for a more personal moment. With that being said, who is going to help your crowd build energy for your grand introduction but then calm them down for your first dance? Who is going to quiet the crowd down and set the tone for your fathers speech about his baby girl getting married but then turn around to build up a dance floor energy that brings grandma jane, uncle fester, your drunk bridesmaids and your rowdy coworkers all to the dance floor at the same time?

One more I want to touch on which is kind of unique is what I called, memorable ghost. I know it sounds funny but it is 100% a huge mask for a good wedding DJ to be able to master. Let me break down what I mean by this. As your DJ, The Voice of your Wedding, We have to be commanding without being pushy. Impactful without being overbearing. Funny without trying to sound like a comedian cracking silly jokes and we have to be memorable without being the center of attention. We want your guests to know that they need to listen when we hop on the mic, and then all but forget about us by the end of the night.

Another huge part of why you need a professional wedding DJ is the equipment we bring. I can promise you, in no way, shape or form is your cousin Jimmy’s $300 walmart “bluetooth party speaker and microphone” going to provide the same quality as the equipment a professional DJ brings. You have spent thousands of dollars to find the perfect venue, get décor and floral that fits who you are as a couple and ordered amazing catering that has you and your guests eating until you are ready to pop and hired the perfect photographer and videographer to capture every moment to cherish forever. Why would you take the chance of having your ceremony vows ruined by a poor microphone connection or risk your first dance as husband and wife being played through a speaker that sounds like its ready to explode because it has to be cranked to the max to be heard by all of your guests. Any professional DJ will have quality equipment as well as……… and this is HUGE,………….backups of everything just in case something fails. Unfortunately, we all know how quickly electronic devices can (and will fail) at the worst moment. Having a wedding DJ is just an additional insurance that if something does happen, they have you covered.

I am going to just touch on one more reason to hire a professional wedding DJ………. And that is STRESS! Planning a wedding is stressful and as much as I know you don’t want to hear it, your wedding day will have some stress involved as well. The key however is YOU as the couple shouldn’t be the ones dealing with that stress. A good set of vendors will help to take away a huge amount of the stress and worry you will have towards your wedding because THEY will be there to work on and handle whatever is going on meaning you can focus completely on your partner and your guests. 

A professional wedding DJ is going to be able to help with planning your timeline based off their experience in how a wedding flows best (Remember, a DJ is basically the conductor for your wedding day). A good wedding DJ can help with suggestions and ideas for special songs and dances, fun games, new trends as well as give thoughts and ideas with general wedding topics and concerns.. We may not be the experts on your décor or floral, your gown or things like that but we can definitely help with a whole overview of your wedding.

Happy Planning!


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