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Must Have Items For Brides And Their Entourage

Must Have Items For Brides And Their Entourage

Brides and Bridesmaids!!!

As a seasoned wedding vendor with countless celebrations under my belt, I've witnessed the whirlwind of emotions, the unexpected mishaps, and the sheer joy that accompanies every bride and her entourage on their big day. Amidst the chaos and excitement, one thing remains constant: preparation is key.

While being a DJ usually doesn't involve me having much to do behind the scenes, anyone who has worked with me knows that I am the type of person that likes to be prepared for anything! Having worked with some amazing clients and standing side by side with some of the best coordinators Idaho has to offer, I'd like to think I've seen, heard about or been a part of a thing or 2 when it comes to weddings.

Let's face it, no matter how meticulously you plan, there's always the possibility of last-minute emergencies. That's where the trusty emergency kit comes in. Here is my take on some of the must-have items for any bride and bridesmaid that will save the day:

First, The Emergency Kit!

1. Mini Sewing Kit: From loose buttons to torn hems, a sewing kit will come to the rescue for any wardrobe malfunctions.

2. Stain Remover Wipes: Because spills happen, especially when you're dressed to the nines. Keep these on hand to tackle any pesky stains that threaten to ruin your outfit.

3. Pain Relievers: Whether it's a headache or a blister from those killer heels, a few pain relievers will ensure you stay comfortable throughout the day.

4. Breath Mints or Gum: Fresh breath is non-negotiable, especially when you're exchanging vows and mingling with guests.

5. Snacks and Water: Nerves and excitement can take a toll on your energy levels. Keep some light snacks and water on hand to stay nourished and hydrated.

6. Tissues: For happy tears and any unexpected emotional moments, you'll be glad to have tissues within reach.

7. Hairpins and Hair Spray: Keep your hairstyle in place with extra hairpins and a travel-sized hairspray for touch-ups.

8. Clear Nail Polish: A versatile solution for fixing chipped nails, securing loose jewelry, or preventing runs in stockings.

9. Blister Balm or Band-Aids: Comfort is key when you're on your feet all day. Prevent blisters and soothe sore spots with blister balm or adhesive bandages.

10. Safety Pins: A quick fix for wardrobe malfunctions or securing loose decorations.

11. Phone Charger: Don't let a dead battery leave you disconnected. Keep a phone charger handy to stay powered up throughout the day.

12. Stress-relief Essentials: Whether it's a calming essential oil roller or a stress ball, having something to help you relax and unwind can make all the difference.

In addition to the emergency kit, there are a few other essential items that every bride and her bridesmaids should have on hand to ensure a seamless wedding day experience:

1. Touch-up Makeup Kit: A compact mirror, lipstick, powder, and blotting papers will keep you looking fresh and flawless from ceremony to reception.

2. Comfortable Shoes: While those towering heels may look stunning, having a pair of comfortable flats or sandals on standby will save your feet during the dancing portion of the evening.

3. Extra Copies of Important Documents: From vendor contracts to marriage licenses, having extra copies of important documents on hand can provide peace of mind in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

4. Wedding Timeline and Contact List: Keep a printed copy of the wedding timeline and contact list for all vendors and key personnel. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and can easily be reached if needed.

5. Umbrella: Don't let unexpected rain showers dampen your spirits. A compact umbrella will keep you dry and stylish, just in case Mother Nature decides to make an appearance.

6. Portable Steamer: Banish wrinkles and creases from dresses and suits with a portable steamer, ensuring everyone looks picture-perfect for those all-important photos.

7. Emergency Cash: While credit cards and mobile payments are convenient, having some cash on hand can be a lifesaver for tipping vendors or making last-minute purchases.

8. Entertainment: Keep the bridal party entertained during downtime with some fun activities or games. This will help alleviate nerves and keep spirits high throughout the day.

Your big day is going to be a beautiful whirlwind. As you embark on this magical journey towards your happily ever after, remember that no wedding day is without its hiccups. But with careful planning and a well-stocked emergency kit and your bridesmaids by your side, you'll be equipped to handle whatever comes your way with grace and ease. So take a deep breath, soak in every precious moment, and trust that everything will unfold exactly as it's meant to. After all, the most important thing is celebrating your love surrounded by those who matter most. Cheers to a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day and as always........happy planning!


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