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Jack, Dayzee & Harold - Infinity Entertainment

Here are a few pictures of our furry family members. Jack, our 2 year old GSP, Dayzee, our 8 year old polish hound and Harold, our 10 year old cat. Sadly, we also recently lost our 2nd cat, Bow.

As you can expect, Jack and Dayzee are completely opposite. Dayzee wants to just lay around all day and Jack is nothing but a ball of energy. He definitely drives her crazy sometimes. Jack is also prone to what we call "Jackcidents". He survived getting hit by a car when he was only 4 months old, had to get multiple stiches from another dog making its way into our fenced yard a few months back, and just generally finds ways to get hurt or into accidents.

We them all and couldn't imagine life without them!


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