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What kind of equipment do we provide?

What kind of equipment do we provide?

You may have seen DJ's posting about how many watts their sound system is, how many subwoofers they bring to their events or how many songs are in their music library. 

At Infinity Entertainment, we know that to 99% of you, none of that really matters. What you want is simply quality entertainment, your guests to enjoy themselves and in most cases, to have an amazing dance party to end the night. :)

While I wont tell you every detail about the equipment that we provide and try to wow you with wattage figures, speaker sizes or by saying I have "Xthousand" number of songs available, what I will tell you is this..... All of our equipment is top of the line (no pawn shop specials here) It is capable of handling crowds of up to 400 people comfortably (larger crowds can be accommodated upon request and prior discussion) and that no matter what yours or your guests music tastes are, we have music they will know, love and want to dance too. 

Here is what I think is more important for you to know about the equipment we provide. 

We provide 2, completely independent sound systems with every wedding if needed. Most weddings we do have the ceremony and reception at different locations, even if they are at the same venue. This allows us to have zero downtime between your ceremony and reception. Our ceremony sound system also includes a wireless lapel microphone for your officiant. This allows all of your guests to hear the entire ceremony, including you and your partners vow's if you will be reciting them. No clunky handheld mic to hold and no cables to trip over. Our ceremony system is also 100% off grid capable and can provide audio for approximately 5-6 hours with no power needed. Want to get married on a mountain top? We've done it. Want to exchange your vows on a beach? We've done it too. Want to get married on a floating dock in the middle of the lake? We haven't done it yet but, we've got you covered if that is your vision! 

Our main sound system is designed to fit with nearly any decor, layout and color scheme but is more than capable to fill nearly any venue with clear sound that doesn't blast out the people sitting closest but still allows the guests in the back to enjoy as well. We also include wireless handheld mics for your guests for speeches and toasts. When we set up our equipment, we take the time to ensure that cables are hidden as best as possible and that where we setup is cohesive with your layout. We have all seen pictures or been to a wedding where the DJ has everything on a folding table smack in the middle of the room, speakers precariously perched on a stand next to the dinner table and more cables on the floor than an AC/DC concert. You wont get that with us. We take pride in making sure the elegance of your wedding is shown by us as well.  

Lastly, when it comes to music, here is our promise to you. If you want a certain song, we will get it. Plain and simple. We create custom playlists for every one of our weddings based off your song choices for specific events, genres we discuss during our planning meeting and the vibe and feel you are going for during each stage of the night. No cookie cutter playlists here. 

We also offer both dancefloor lighting and uplighting options to really set your wedding apart. Our dancefloor lighting adds that extra vibe to get people excited and out on the floor tearing it up. Our uplighting is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to nearly any venue and help accent and focus attention to certain locations or decor. 

Photo Credit: Yelena Tsioma Photography